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Winner Safety Award 2009!

Transport Media distributes yearly awards to the Belgian transport industry during the "Best of Transport". Transport Withofs managed to acquire the Safety Award 2009! Because of all the years of continuous implementing safety procedures.

Safety Award 2009
Gino Withofs! - General Manager

A safe policy starts with a safe fleet. Our trucks are equiped with reversing alarms but also the cameras are doing their entry. We also invest in automatic gearboxes, reflective striping and ESP because we are convinced that this will contribute to a better safety on the road. All the small things make the difference!

Our drivers have followed a training course before they are recruited. This consists of a theoretical course and a practical training in Behaviour Based Safety and ECO-driving.

To motivate our drivers we provide a premium to drive safe and economical. During the two monthly driver meetings the deputy drivers can submit the needs of our drivers. Because of these meetings the drivers have participation at all levels. In opposite direction it gi! ves us the opportunity to evaluate and adjust them.


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With Best Regards, The Withofs Team
Gino, Edith, Maurice, Xavier, Yven, Bob, Nicole, Evy, Didier