The beginning

The roots of the haulier Withofs Transport goes back to the interbellum, when horse and cart where the most classical means of transport. Purchasing a truck was not common in that period. Despite Guillaume Withofs saw a future in this new way of transport and he made the big step in 1930. Nothing expected that herewith the foundation was made for a successfull story as Withofs nowadays is. The three sons of Guillaume and Liza, who grew up in this business environment, decided to continue the family company. Maurice was responsible for the sales, Pierre was in charge of the maintenance of the fleet and Willy took care of the dispatching. Without losing the familial character the company succeeded nowadays to take up an important position within the different segments of transport. Flexibility and meeting towards the customer requirements with a reliable service have created a steady increase of the activities.



The seventies

To follow up the rhythm of a continuous expansion, Withofs acquired new premises and started with the construction of a maintenance shop. In 1975 the company made an active contribution to the widening of the Albert canal. Almost 7.5 million tons of dredgings and 2.5 million tons of pebbles were transported in the region to fill-up the emptied gravel pits.



The eighties

The company changed its legal structure into a limited liability company “Withofs Vervoerbedrijf NV”. Besides this Withofs Algemene Ondernemingen was founded, a sister company specialized in groundwork. While anticipating to the future Withofs started with the transport of waste-containers for industrial and private use and the international transport with taut liners. Slightly the company evaluated from a local partner to a European orientated enterprise. To broaden the offer the first tank trailer was bought in 1988 for the transport of chalk slurry and water glass.



The nineties

In the beginning of the nineties, the organization chart changed, Maurice and Pierre Withofs were the only business managers from the second generation who were still active in the company. In the meanwhile the expansion continued by offering container transport from and to the Port of Antwerp. Also intermodal transport (tankcontainers and bulkcontainers) made its entry to the inland terminals.



The 21st Century

There was again a change in the Management, Pierre Withofs retired and Gino Withofs (son of Maurice) is the third generation member of the Board of Directors. In the field of transport, Withofs started with bulk transport for the haulage of cement in Belgium and the surrounding countries. In 2005 the 75th anniversary of the company was celebrated. It was time to meditate how Withofs evaluated throughout the years and how it wanted to continue investing in equipment and offices to expand further on the growth.